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TODAY AN ANTI RACISM DEMONSTRATION!!! 6/11 Wednesday at 15:30, Jaffa Police Station!!!

Why? Since a very dangerous event happened yesterday...
Three young members of the youth movement Reut-Sadaka took a bus in Jaffa and spoke Arabic to each other. As a result, an old lady complained about them, both to the bus driver and a soldier next to her. Lauren, one of the three Sadaka members got mad and answered the lady, asking her if she has a problem Arabic being spoken next to her. Another passenger called the police. In about 2 minutes a police unit,  armed and combative, stopped the bus and intefered. Lauren answered one of the police officers, and that was enough for his decision to arrest the three of them.

They refused to be taken to the police jeep, and they were beaten, Lauren was pulled down by her hair, the third was struck as he was forced to the police station.
Now, they are, most probably, being held at the police station for 3 hours. All this was told by Fadi, the director of the Reut-Zadaka movement. Fadi arrived right away to the Jaffa police station to release the three. He told us the first thing the policeman at the entrance did, after asking what happened to the three, was being pushed violently to the wall, and prevent him from entering the station.
Fadi and the Reut-Zadaka Arab-Jewish youth movement is organizing a protest demonstration in front of the Jaffa police station (the old clock square, next to Abu-Lafia bakery).
Fadi: 054-859046
Windows &endash; Channels for Communication is a non-profit Jewish-Palestinian organization located in Tel Aviv. It was established in 1991 with the aim of promoting acquaintance, understanding and reconciliation between the peoples of Israel and Palestine through the use of media, cultural and educational programs and art. We believe that one of the most important ways to achieve a fair and lasting peace is by acquiring deep knowledge and understanding of each other, and of the history and reality we share. Our main projects are Windows Hebrew-Arabic Magazine for Children, written by and for children of both nations; Windows Palestinian-Israeli Friendship Center, in which cultural and educational activities take place; and Windows Art Gallery in central Tel Aviv, featuring art exhibitions relevant to the conflict and the peoples involved. Since the beginning of the second Intifada, we have put special emphasis on giving _expression to Palestinianvoices that are rarely heard by Israeli Jews, and where possible, bringing Israeli voices to the Palestinian community. In response to the increasingly severe situation in the occupied territories, we have initiated a series of humanitarian aid activities. We periodically deliver food, clothes, toys, household items, etc., to Palestinians who have lost their sources of income and often their homes due to the recent events.
The Windows Board of Directors is comprised of Palestinians and Jews who together look for the best ways to represent both nations. Dozens of volunteers make it possible to implement our activities with relatively low budgets.
The contribution Windows has made to coexistence has been acknowledged with several awards, including the New Israel Fund's Award for Promoting Democracy, Tolerance and Dialogue in Israel in 1995, and the Rotary-Israel Prize in the year 2000.
Windows &endash; Channels of Communication is a registered non-profit organization in Israel.


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